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Crossdresser Tips For Choosing a Corset

portrait of woman in corset

Corsets are crafted to cinch in the waistline, creating a strikingly exaggerated hourglass figure. They are traditionally worn underneath clothing to enhance curves but can also serve as an eye-catching outer fashion piece when paired with complementary attire such as jeans, shorts, or skirts. Additionally, they can add a touch of allure and flair when incorporated into a costume. The tightly laced garment accentuates the body’s natural curvature, evoking a sense of elegance, sensuality, and feminity.

What is a corset?

A corset is a tight-fitting garment designed to give the illusion of an hourglass figure. It combines boning and lacing to provide structure and allow for compression adjustments. The boning can be made of steel or plastic; it supports and shapes the body while wearing the corset.

A corset’s goal is to cinch in the waistline, creating those dramatic curves you’ve been craving and wished you were born with. Typically, a corset is worn under clothing to create that hourglass figure, but it can also be used as a fashion statement when paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, or as part of a costume.

Why wear a corset?

The appeal of corsets for crossdressers lies in their ability to create the coveted hourglass figure. A corset does this with the ‘bones’ made of steel or plastic within the fabric. Pull those strings tight, and it pulls that tummy in. By doing this, it also helps to accentuate the hips and can even help create a bust.

A correctly worn corset can transform one’s silhouette into an, oh my, that curvy dream. I love the way I look, and it’s such a difference! And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to embrace such a feminine and alluring shape? Did I say I love my corsets? I might actually have more corsets than I do pantyhose.

It’s no wonder that corsets remain a top choice among crossdressers who are seeking to express their femininity.

If worn daily properly, corsets can also help reduce the waistline. This is in addition to your weight loss program, which includes a proper diet and exercise—right? Daily wear conditions the waist to stay in the hourglass state.

Be sure to size it correctly! Start slow. And measure frequently. Then buy a smaller size. Hang tight, ladies. Sizing comes in a minute.

Other reasons: They help correct posture—you must have that good posture to look ladylike! Thier fun! Sexy and, well, hell, why not?

How to Select a Corset

Okay, you’re ready to buy your first corset and take your feminity to the next level, or maybe you want to lose a few pounds and tighten the belly.

Now what?

Sizing for a corset isn’t done by size—it is and isn’t. Your sizing requires a little bit of math skills(no calculus or anything) and a straightforward measurement. It will be based on your waist measurement, which you will subtract to get the size corset you want.

Hang tight, ladies!

A corset will be listed in sizes such as 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, and so on. Therefore, knowing your exact waist measurement is crucial before buying a corset and wearing it in the right place. To get an accurate waist measurement, bend to one side and note where your torso naturally creases.

Now, take your tape measure and wrap it around your body. Your waist is typically under your ribcage and just above your navel. If you measure at or below the belly button, you are likely not measuring at your natural waist.

As a general rule for first-time corset wearers, the purchased corset should be four inches smaller than their natural waist measurement. For instance, if your waist measures 30 inches, you should start with a 26-inch corset.

When choosing a corset, consider your height. You don’t want the bottom of the corset to be so high that it cuts into your thighs when you sit down, and you don’t like the corset to be too flat—this can create a “muffin top” appearance that isn’t flattering for any body type.

The first step is to select the correct size corset for your body. This is best done by measuring your waist with fabric measuring tape and writing the measurement in inches. You should also take your chest circumference and torso length measurements for an accurate fit.

Types of Corsets

Now that you know how to size one, let’s discuss the different types. Corsets come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, so choosing one that fits comfortably and suits your style is essential.

Corsets are available in various materials and construction methods, including steel boning. They may also have different lacing, fastenings, and trims to suit your needs. There are three categories of corsets: underbust, overbust, and waspie.

Don’t get confused here. An Underbust corset simply means it starts under the bust. As you guessed, an underbust corset covers your torso from the hips up to just below the bust. This differs from an overbust corset, which extends up to cover the bust area. There are various options for length, shape, flexibility, materials, and construction within this category of corsets. However, you won’t find coverage for the bust in an underbust corset. This is a good one to start with. It offers good waist training and cinches well—it’s also a little less draining on the pocketbook.

Overbust corsets…. Well, the name says it all covers the busts. They are more restrictive than underbust corsets and are harder to hide under the clothes. But damn, they’re sexy as hell if that’s all your wearing.

Waspie corsets, with their shorter length and intricate designs, are often used as fashion accessories to accentuate the curves of a woman’s figure rather than for extreme waist reduction. The delicate boning and lacework add an alluring touch to any outfit, making the wearer feel elegant and confident. Whether paired with a flowing dress or worn over a blouse and skirt, waspie corsets add a touch of glamour to any wardrobe.

For a crossdresser, a corset can be a very feminine addition to your wardrobe. You’d be amazed at the unbelievable curves they can produce, and if you start a waist training program with them at night, you can majorly step up your en femme game by narrowing your waistline(what gal doesn’t want a sexy, slender waistline.)